We take things that are hard to explain and make them easier to understand.

Info-graphics® documents look different, but what really matters are the benefits they provide our clients—fewer product returns, better products, better brands, and satisfied customers! Our expertise includes information, training, and presentation graphics, concept and data visualization, technical illustration, installation and operating instructions, and more.

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Info-graphics combines great illustrations and graphics with motion, animation, audio, and video to tell your story in fun and compelling ways. Info-graphics also has the tools and expertise to create 3D photo realistic image renders with accurate color, texture, and lighting for use in “pre-market” promotions, presentations, and animations.

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Product manufacturers can now take the next step in educating their customers on product installation, assembly or use with Info-graphics’ customized interactive web applications. These web apps deliver additional relevant content, reinforce learning and understanding, assist with difficult or problematic steps, and ultimately create a best-brand experience.

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Images are a universal language, shared across cultures and education. Whether it’s a process, product, or complex concept, our technical illustrators take your information, break it down, organize it, and visualize it to make it easy to understand.

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Let’s Be Clear…

For more than 20 years we’ve been creating technical content that generates CLARITY, UNDERSTANDING and CONFIDENCE. We call it Tier 2 communications, and it’s designed to deliver a deeper level of understanding.


The “ah-ha!” moment. Seeing things clearly increases retention levels and user’s satisfaction.


The “I get it” moment. A deeper level of understanding is crucial to getting the big picture.


The “I can do this!” moment. Removing fear from a process is the biggest hurdle consumers face.

Your Vision, Untangled.

We’re here to help you communicate complex ideas.

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