Margo Elaine
Margo ElaineCommunity Engagement Specialist
Margo is our office dog and thus has little by way of animation experience, but has become a professional napper. Her best friend is the UPS man.
Rob Eddy
Rob EddyPresident/GM
Margo’s dad and our fearless IG leader. If you heard a dad joke floating through the office, it probably came from Rob. He repeats his favorites at least 1000x a month.
Matt Petit
Matt PetitCreative Director
The guy in the hoodie that says “creative director” ACTUALLY is the creative director. When he’s not moving projects, Matt likes to chill out and try beers with funny names.
Courtney Fox
Courtney FoxDirector of Operations
As Head of Operations, Courtney juggles many responsibilities but that doesn’t keep her from maintaining impeccable style, 3-4 different beverages at a time, and keeping her steps up on her treadmill.
Kevin Lett
Kevin LettSenior Art Director
Kevin’s been designing instruction manuals since the dawn of time. He imparts some wisdom on us occasionally when he’s not photoshopping us all onto movie characters posters.
Bryan Abercrombie
Bryan AbercrombieAccount Manager
Pro girl dad and former metal band member, Bryan keeps some of our biggest accounts flowing while also trying to will the clock to strike five.
Gabe Woodson
Gabe WoodsonAccount Manager
If you need a spreadsheet, Gabe is your man. He’s organized everything down to the minute, even his bathroom trips.
Parker Rice
Parker RiceAccount Manager
Our resident handyman, Parker loves a DIY project. When he isn’t managing accounts we make him build us cool stuff for the office.
Dani Palmer
Dani PalmerSenior Designer
Our Senior Designer, Dani, keeps the Design team in check with her spidey senses. (the Spider-Man obsession grows daily). Her only flaw is that she doesn’t like chocolate, therefore cannot be trusted.
Madison Murray
Madison MurrayProject Coordinator
Courtney’s trusty Operations sidekick and fellow shopping addict. Madison keeps us all hip with her tattoos and ~vibes~.
June Nestor
June NestorDesigner
Wednesday Addams has nothing on June. When she isn’t in the pits of despair June develops some of our most successful animations and graphics.
Jimmy Schilletter
Jimmy Schilletter3D Artist
We can’t play any office games with Jimmy because he gives clues none of us know. Most likely from Anime. Good thing he is a pro at 3D renders and motion graphics.
Sierra Harris
Sierra Harris3D Artist
Sierra is a very friendly Hobbit that dedicates her time to 3D Render Designs when she’s not having to travel to Mordor.
Ana Martín
Ana Martín3D Artist
Ana can knock out 3D renders blindfolded with one hand tied behind her back. But for efficiency purposes we let her do it the old fashioned way.
Riley Mims
Riley MimsDesigner
Riley is fueled by milk, donuts and 5 hour energy, skyrocketing his productivity….and possibly his cholesterol.

Unique Legacy

Info-graphics is nestled in the heart of Knoxville, TN, where we have over 25 years of experience making complex things seem simple. We may have small town roots, but we’re creating for clients all across the nation. We’ve been refining this form of communication from the beginning and have been leading the evolution ever since.

Unique People

Our people come from a variety of backgrounds with more than 100 years of collective experience telling visual stories. It’s our people that make us great at what we do. Having the right team means everything to our success, especially in our focused field of communications.

Unique Brainpower

Sure, we’re masters of multiple mediums, but our true difference lives within our thinking. Our product is better because of how we blend our expertise to produce the best possible outcome.

Cups of coffee consumed since opening in 1995
Number of instruction steps created
Number of peanut butter pretzels consumed