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Unique Legacy

We have over 25 years of experience of making complex things seem simple. That makes us unique as we continue to progress our business into an ever-changing future. We’ve been refining this form of communication from the beginning and have been leading the evolution ever since.

Unique People

Our people come from a variety of backgrounds with more than 100 years of collective experience telling visual stories. It’s our people that make us great at what we do. Having the right team means everything to our success, especially in our focused field of communications.

Unique Brainpower

We think differently. We focus on simplifying and organizing the complex so that anyone can understand it. Sure, we’re masters of multiple mediums, but our true difference lives within our thinking. Our product is better because of how we blend our expertise to produce the best possible outcome.

Our Team – Your Partners

Rob Eddy
Rob EddyPresident/GM

Rob has led all aspects of marketing for a number of industry leading brands – and for the past 15 years, he’s been the head instigator here at IG. During his career, he’s held a number of marketing roles for and with Bemis Manufacturing, Rubbermaid, Newell and Haworth. Outside of work, Rob enjoys traveling and being a charter member of the Knoxville Packer Backer club.

Matt Petit
Matt PetitCreative Director
Matt leads the creative department and has helped IG set new standards in visual communication. His forward thinking and creativity have led to new content delivery approaches. He has been instrumental in the development of IG’s expertise in animation and motion graphics. Outside of work, Matt paints large-scale murals, loves to hang out with his family and enjoys the outdoors.
Courtney Fox
Courtney FoxOperations Manager
Courtney has been a member of the IG team for over 5 years and has moved on from managing projects to now managing the day-to-day operations of the office. While she still does some project work, her focus is on business analytics and making sure the office is running smoothly. Outside of IG, you can find Courtney shoe shopping, binge watching Netflix, and hanging out with her Great Dane, Winston.
Scott Peterson
Scott PetersonClient Success Lead
Scott joined IG to support client services & business development. He brings 18 years of diverse work experience ranging from sports marketing, client support services, & new client engagement. He enjoys the outdoors, sports, and time with his family. As a proud Cancer Survivor he also spends a great deal of time raising money and awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Kevin Lett
Kevin LettSenior Art Director
Kevin has over 30 years experience in graphic design, technical illustration, and 2D animation. Our longest tenured employee, Kevin specializes in breaking down complex product installations into easily understandable sequences. Outside of work Kevin is likely at the gym or watching UT sports.
Bryan Abercrombie
Bryan AbercrombieAccount Manager
Bryan joined our team as a project manager. He brings a wide range of experience to this role including a background in underwriting for several large insurance corporations and a degree in graphic design. Bryan will be managing project traffic and communication with clients in his role as project manager. Bryan can often be found cheering on his NCAA champion Clemson Tigers.
Gabe Woodson
Gabe WoodsonAccount Manager
Gabe has come on board as an account manager. He brings a long history of experience to this role including a background in ad sales and promotional sales from Discovery and Time Warner Brothers. Gabe will be managing project traffic and communication with clients in his role as account manager. Outside of work, Gabe enjoys rugby, spending time with his family and camping.
Dani Hull
Dani HullSenior Designer
Dani is our animation guru. She has quickly grown her role on our team by always striving for perfection, showcasing a passion for motion design and upping her animation game. After work, Dani enjoys checking out the latest cinematic films, collecting Spider Man memorabilia and traveling.
Josh Kelley
Josh KelleyAccount Coordinator
Josh joined our team as an account coordinator. He brings a wide range of experience to this role including a background in producing video and animated content. Josh will be managing projects and communication with clients in his role as account coordinator. After work, Josh can often be found enjoying the great outdoors or spending time on various personal endeavors.
Madison Murray
Madison MurrayProject Coordinator
Madison joined the the IG client services team in late 2020. She has a background in creative writing, editing and project management. While she is highly organized and detail oriented, her strong suit is managing fast-paced deadlines. On the weekends she is passionate about reading and spending time with her golden retriever Hemingway.
June Nestor
June NestorDesigner
June has become a wizard in both 3D and 2D animation. She has an associate’s degree in communication graphics technology and has grown into a June-of-all-trades as part of our production team. In June’s spare time she enjoys creating pen and ink illustrations to unwind and occasionally babysitting our Community Engagement Specialist Margo.
Kyle Bumpus
Kyle BumpusMotion Designer
Kyle came aboard our team as a motion designer. Having earned both an animation and computer science degree at Pellissippi State, he brings talent and technical skill to our motion design team. On the weekends Kyle can be found reading, drawing or hosting a cut-throat, high-stakes D&D game.
Amber Tripp
Amber TrippDesigner
Amber came aboard the IG creative team in the Summer of 2021. She brings a wealth of experience in editorial design, illustration and advertising. She has a great sense of design and trusts her creative instincts. Outside of work, she loves cooking, long boarding, dancing and exploring the outdoors with her family.
Jimmy Schilletter
Jimmy Schilletter3D Artist
Jimmy joined the IG creative team in the Fall of 2021. He brings a passion for 3d modeling, texturing and rendering. He eats, sleeps and breathes knowledge of 3D software tips and tricks. Possibly one of the most well travelled members of our team, Jimmy has visited 18 countries. Outside of the office, Jimmy can be found at home doing amazing personal 3d artwork.
Sierra Yingst
Sierra Yingst3D Artist
Sierra joined IG after earning a media technology and video production degree. She hit the ground running within our creative team and has helped us go above and beyond in delivering great digital content to our clients. When she’s not in the shop, she enjoys playing video games, being outdoors and anything related to Lord of the Rings.
Sean Renfroe
Sean RenfroeMotion Designer
Sean brings great motion skills, energy and creativity to every project he’s working on. He made the trek all the way from Virginia to Knoxville to join the IG creative team. When he’s not in the shop, he can be found riding his vintage motorcycle, exploring gluten-free deli’s and honing his craft with personal projects.
Megan Adams
Megan AdamsMotion Designer
Megan joined the IG team this year and has made an immediate impact. She brings four years of experience in animating for broadcast and other on-air assets at Discovery/Warner Brothers. She’s always got a positive attitude and brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the team. Outside of the office, she enjoys maintaining her aquariums, playing video games, and working in her garden.
Ana Martín
Ana Martín3D Artist
Ana joined the squad this year as an intern and specializes in 3D modeling and rendering. She’s learned the ropes incredibly fast and has made a huge impact in the quality and volume of work we produce. Outside of the office, she enjoys working on personal projects and spending time with her family.
Margo Elaine
Margo ElaineCommunity Engagement Specialist
Margo, AKA Marge, joined IG at 3-months old as the office greeter and mascot. Her special skills include boosting office morale, napping, and licking faces. Outside of work, Marge enjoys chasing squirrels, romping around her backyard compost pile and playing with her toys.
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