Acieta partnered with Info-graphics to develop a sales video for their line of weld cell equipment. Acieta products and the potential customization are featured in this explainer animation. Info-graphics wrote and edited the script, developed the content and produced a concise video short that has helped Acieta tap into new markets and boost sales. [...]



Stanley partnered with Info-graphics to create product instructions for their electric pressure washer. Info-graphics communicated the essential information for these guides, allowing the user to focus on the task at hand and avoid getting lost in the details. The result was an invaluable resource for workers in the field who needed a reminder on [...]



Broan partnered with Info-graphics to create an interactive training module for their Fresh Air Systems. The module contains a combination of animation, illustration, and interactivity to help inform users of the product line features, installation methods, and pros and cons of each product series. The result is an engaging and informative training tool that [...]



Info-graphics was tapped by Lowe's to develop clear and concise instruction manual templates for multiple product lines. IG developed an illustration style, a step box style, page layouts and document formatting for multiple templates. The end result was a plug-and-play template for each category that allowed Lowe's individual vendors to independently create instruction manuals [...]