A Global Forum 2019


EPRI partnered with Info-graphics to develop branding, signage, digital content, and stage design among other assets for the 2019 A Global Forum Innovation for the Future of Nuclear Energy. The theme of the conference was facilitating the adaption of new technologies to position the nuclear industry as a forward thinking and critical component in [...]

Johnson Controls


Johnson Controls has teamed up with Info-graphics to create a series of animations showcasing the Smart Building HVAC controls Verasys. This technology is state-of-the-art and energy efficient, and very flexible. Info-graphics developed a 3D environment to communicate the features while also giving the video a slick high tech feel. The end result was a [...]



Info-graphics was tapped to create an executive summary animation explaining the research and findings within the EPRI Heat Stress Management report. The scientific research yielded interesting results and important findings. Info-graphics developed graphics, animation, and charts to help explain this complicated topic and the life-saving information the research uncovered.