We had the privilege of being featured in a local segment, Made in Tennessee, on WVLT earlier this month. Thanks to WVLT for such a great job. We’re proud to be a part of this community and are grateful for the chance to showcase some of our work.

Read below for the article that goes along with our segment.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — Don’t you hate it when you buy something that requires an instruction manual, and step one might as well say “throw instructions directly into trash”? Don’t worry, Knoxville based Info-graphics is making your life easier.

So you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer or your latest gadget has “some assembly required”, which is another way of saying you need some help on how to put together your latest project. But when you read the instructions, you can’t tell where step one begins and the last step ends because the instructions were obviously written by a third-grader who hasn’t quite yet mastered legible writing with his crayons.

That’s where Info-graphics of Knoxville, Tennessee steps in to help. The company prides itself as being full of visual storytellers who are able to take the hard-to-understand and turn it into easy-to-figure-out through their innovative ways of describing step-by-step manuals.

“How do we make sure that the customer understands how to assemble and operate the product,” Info-graphic president Rob Eddy explained.

The company also creates motion graphics, video tutorials, and animations to help articulate complex processes and procedures that are easy to follow.

“You know you hear these stories about people being frustrated and sending product back. That’s the way we engage with a lot of our customers. I like to think that there are a whole lot of products out there that are better products as a result of us working with them and the companies that put them on the shelf,” Eddy said proudly.

So go ahead, open that instruction manual with confidence, because if it was made by Info-graphics, it was designed by a professional who knows how to help every step-by-step of the way.

By Kyle Warnke