Written by: Tim Wirtz

I’ve probably said this a hundred times since I joined IG…we are a service provider; we don’t sell products. I say it so much because it is easy to confuse the two actions. But there is a BIG difference in being a service provider versus being a product seller. It takes a level of service to sell a service that fosters lifetime trust and ultimately builds relationships that last just as long. That’s not to say selling a product isn’t reliant on a strong foundation of trust, but when a product is needed, it is purchased. Simple, right?

hello_i_am_your_customerA service on the other hand is not tangible, and most times it’s not even recognized as a need. We help our clients understand that they do have a need, we define with them the objectives and goals of a project, and we help them understand who the audience is and what that audience needs. It’s all part of our service offering that ultimately leads to the right delivery mechanism to sell their product or, in some cases, their service.

Too many times service providers lose focus on what they are selling and they begin to commoditize their service selection. I’ve seen it happen through my 20+ years on the ad agency side. Sometimes it’s a fallback. Sometimes it’s a defense mechanism because the person doesn’t want to lose the potential business. But, every time it is the wrong thing to do. It can confuse the client, it can come off as self- serving, and it certainly doesn’t promote trust or relationship build.

What is a customer? They are NOT an interruption of our work – they are the purpose of it. They are a part of the organization – not an outsider. They are people with needs and wants and it is our job to fulfill them.

At IG, our team have been providing a service-first offering for 20+ years. It’s a bit of an art form really, and something we strive to improve on every day. Our clients are our number one priority. That, after all, is really what it’s all about in the service industry, and we’d have it no other way.

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