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The importance of technical content continues to grow year after year and many are jumping on the bandwagon to produce it. But it takes more than technical expertise and knowledge of tools to create content that really works. It takes thoughtfully planned action and brainpower that comes from a unique understanding of purpose.

Unique Legacy

We have nearly 25 years under our belt of making complex things seem simple. That’s unique and a key point in continuing to build confidence in our business into the future. We were at the birth of this form of communication and have been leading the evolution ever since.

Unique People

Our people come from a variety of backgrounds with more than 100 years of collective experience telling visual stories. It’s our people that make us great at what we do. Having the right team means everything to our success, especially in our focused field of communications.

Unique Brainpower

We think differently. We focus on simplifying and organizing the complex so that anyone can understand it. Sure, we’re masters of multiple mediums, but our true difference lives within our thinking. Our product is better because of how we reason through the work.

Our Team – Your Partners

Rob Eddy
Rob EddyPresident/GM

Rob is our fearless leader and master of time, space and dimension. He has led all aspects of marketing for industry leading brands and has also led product development, product line management, and brand management for and with Bemis, Rubbermaid, and Haworth. Outside of work, Rob enjoys being a charter member of the Knoxville Packer Backer club.

John Thigpen
John ThigpenVP/Sales
John uses his 20 years of B2B sales experience with clients like Regal, Stringer Medical, and HCA Healthcare to bring right-fit solutions to IG clients worldwide. He helps us stay a step ahead by creating new partnerships and providing innovative approaches to solving age-old problems. John enjoys hiking and is an accomplished pianist.
Sheila Thigpen
Sheila ThigpenDirector of Operations
Sheila manages the day-to-day operations here at IG. She is involved in everything from scoping projects, to developing timelines, to internal functions. She excels in creating effective workflows, strategic planning, and account management. Outside of IG, Sheila manages a successful food blog and enjoys traveling.

Matt Petit
Matt PetitCreative Director
Matt leads the design of technical documentation and visual communication. His forward thinking and creativity have led to new content delivery approaches. He has been instrumental in the development of IG’s expertise in animation and motion graphics. For fun, Matt collects vintage spray paint cans and enjoys camping.
Kevin Lett
Kevin LettSenior Art Director
Kevin has over 30 years experience in graphic design, technical illustration, and 2D animation. Our longest tenured employee, Kevin specializes in breaking down complex product installations into easily understandable sequences. Outside of work Kevin is likely at the gym or watching UT sports.

Courtney Daly
Courtney DalyProject Manager
Courtney manages all phases of the life cycle for our clients’ app development projects, fostering a collaborative environment and ensuring seamless execution. She excels at defining tasks for the development team, performing QA, and communicating results to our clients. Outside of the office, you can find Courtney shoe shopping, binge watching Netflix, and cheering on her Vols. 
Elise Arndt
Elise ArndtProject Manager
Elise works with IG’s clients and internal resources to coordinate and manage our expanding technical communications and content development services. She has an extensive background in marketing communications, graphic design and project management. When she’s not here at the office, Elise is often working in her gardens – she has quite the green thumb…

Margo Elaine
Margo ElaineCommunity Engagement Specialist
Margo, AKA Marge, joined IG at 3-months old as the office greeter and mascot. Her special skills include boosting office morale, napping, and licking faces. Outside of work, Marge enjoys chasing squirrels, romping around her backyard compost pile and playing with her toys.
Dani Hull
Dani HullAssociate Information Designer
Dani joined IG as an intern and officially became a part of the team in 2015. She has quickly grown as an illustrator and has demonstrated her desire to learn by taking on new skills such as 2D and 3D animation. After work, Dani enjoys checking out the latest Blockbuster film, collecting Spider Man memorabilia, and practicing her photography skills.
Sara Christensen
Sara ChristensenCreative Director Emeritus
Sara has managed creative direction for IG’s clients for over 10 years. She has a broad knowledge base of style, design, and communication technique. Prior to joining our team, Sara served as Art Director for a targeted custom publishing company. Sara is an avid gardener and grandmother of four.
Matt Smelcer
Matt SmelcerDirector of 3D Data Design
Matt has been with IG since 2006. He specializes in transforming technical CAD drawings into photo realistic images for use across multiple platforms. Prior to joining IG, Matt worked on technical communications at Bush Hog, LLC. In his spare time he enjoys moonlighting as a freelance toy designer.
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