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Hunter Fan


Hunter Fan partnered with Info-graphics to create product renders for their brand new line of interior lighting. Info-graphics developed a library of textures, light bulbs, and modern interior rooms to help create true-to-life images that bring out the beauty of these products. The result was an invaluable resource for online marketing and selling. Hunter [...]

Johns Mansville


Johns Mansville partnered with Info-graphics to create product instructions for their Centerpoint Drain Instructions . Info-graphics communicated the essential information for these guides, allowing the user to focus on the task at hand and avoid getting lost in the details. The result was an invaluable resource for workers in the field who needed a [...]



Delta partnered with Info-graphics to develop a sales video for their trade shows. Delta products and the potential customization are featured in this explainer animation. Info-graphics wrote and edited the script, developed the content and produced a concise video short that has helped Delta tap into new markets and boost sales. [...]



Trex partnered with Info-graphics to produce a series of videos that communicated the beauty of their product as well as the easy installation process. The result was a series of quick, informative 3D animations that bring the product to life while also capturing the intuitive installation process developed by Trex.



Moen Faucet approached Info-graphics to develop wordless instructions that could be universally understood in an effort to reduce printing costs. Info-graphics managed to break down the installation steps into clearly defined illustrations that communicated the actions required for each step without using words. This solution resulted in reduced printing costs while providing consumers easy-to-understand [...]



Liberty Hardware partnered with Info-graphics to create instruction manuals for their line of mirrors. This job required Info-graphics to rethink the installation process while working hand-in-hand with the product engineers and managers. Many installation options, alternate steps, and special considerations were accounted for to make sure this manual covered all possible installation scenarios. [...]