Rubbermaid Commercial products contacted Info-graphics to produce a wordless instruction manual to communicate the installation process for various bathroom products. The installation process was broken down into easy-to-understand illustrated steps while using minimal words. The result was a map-fold document that covered the installation, programming and use-and-care of the products while keeping translation costs [...]



Oxo approached Info-graphics to create instructions for it's Cubby Stroller line. These instructions needed to clearly communicate the assembly process, use-and-care, and accessory attachment methods. The illustration work was meticulously drawn using product CAD to show each part in great detail. The many features of the Cubby Stroller were showcased in a use-and-care section [...]



Insinkerator partnered with Info-graphics to develop an easy-to-use installation manual for garbage disposals. A map fold format was chosen provide users with a document they could open up once and check for reference as needed. The result was an intuitive, well-drawn and well thought out manual that has served as an industry benchmark for [...]