Deroyal partnered with Info-graphics to develop short informative animations for their Continuum line of products. The high-tech nature of Continuum and the cost benefits are featured in this explainer animation. Info-graphics wrote and edited the script, developed the content and produced a concise video short that has helped Deroyal tap into new markets and [...]

Johnson Controls


Johnson Controls has teamed up with Info-graphics to create a series of animations showcasing the Smart Building HVAC controls Verasys. This technology is state-of-the-art and energy efficient, and very flexible. Info-graphics developed a 3D environment to communicate the features while also giving the video a slick high tech feel. The end result was a [...]



Info-graphics was tapped to create an executive summary animation explaining the research and findings within the EPRI Heat Stress Management report. The scientific research yielded interesting results and important findings. Info-graphics developed graphics, animation, and charts to help explain this complicated topic and the life-saving information the research uncovered.



Trex partnered with Info-graphics to produce a series of videos that communicated the beauty of their product as well as the easy installation process. The result was a series of quick, informative 3D animations that bring the product to life while also capturing the intuitive installation process developed by Trex.

EPRI Drive


Animation explaining the benefits and innovation of the planning software DRIVE by EPRI. This graphic approach to a complex subject helps communicate the challenges of integrating multiple existing assets into one easy-to-use infrastructure planning software.

United Way


United Way of Greater Knoxville (UWGK) brings together resources to improve the lives of people in our community by helping them achieve their potential for self-sufficiency. The organization was in need of an animated short to explain their mission and the day-to-day processes used to achieve their end goal. Collaborating with other community partners, [...]

Johnson Controls


Johnson Controls, in collaboration with Stanford University, is revolutionizing the way companies, cities and campuses address their heating and cooling needs using Enterprise Optimization Solutions, an automated software. EOS is an industry-first model-predictive control software application that monitors more than 1,200 critical variables in near real-time and predictively optimizes plant costs. Johnson Controls approached [...]