Written by: Courtney Daly

As I stand in my bathroom getting ready for work, I find myself listening to the water in the toilet run. In my mind all I can see is my water bill rising. Building maintenance assures me that “nothing is wrong” and “it’s supposed to do that,” but my bank account says otherwise. If only I knew how my toilet worked I could do something about it…Millennial

In my opinion, growing up in the age of seemingly non-stop technology developments put the Millennial generation at a slight disadvantage when it comes to certain DIY skills. I never had the need to know the parts of a toilet, how to shut the water off in my apartment or how to install a ceiling fan. Now, as an adult, I find myself sometimes feeling helpless when something breaks, or, in the case of my toilet, seems to always be running. The importance of the work we produce here at Info-graphics becomes so clear to me in these times. As production and design coordinator, I find myself wanting to get close to the products we work on, and the companies who make them. It is exciting to figure out the ins and outs of the installation process and actually understand it.

Info-graphics develops consumer-and industry-friendly content to help our client’s audience(s) easily and quickly understand tasks that aren’t always intuitive. We understand that stakeholders want content at their fingertips, and we make it possible for our clients to put it there.

HPI_1So now when we, the Millennial generation, start buying our own houses and putting together and fixing everything from furniture to lawn equipment, we won’t always have to spend the money on a professional or call our parents for their help. We can instead feel confident about using our own skills to do it ourselves using install guides or watching animations, because the work like we do here at Info-graphics has made it easy for us to complete what used to seem like daunting tasks.

Also, shout out to the Fluidmaster marketing animation we worked on that forced me to learn the parts of my toilet and helped me recognize the problem in my own apartment.