Looking back on 2015 has given us perspective on where we’ve come from and where we’re going. It is this perspective that allows us to imagine even more for 2016. Branching out in new directions has become a part of our daily routine. We’re constantly seeking new tools to help tell stories in exciting, compelling and unexpected ways. Creating the vision needed to showcase a new feature or function of a product requires the latest gadgets and software to better enhance that cutting edge idea. These new tools are worked into each new animation we create, but we retain our focus on a “story-first” approach that continues to yield great results.

We worked on a lot of exciting projects in the last year, combining a wide array of skills and disciplines. It’s not enough these days to just be a designer and animator, you have to be a hybrid of several schools of thought. Crafting images that solve problems and explain the complex requires a thought process steeped in technical acumen but rooted in design principles.

Conveying the combined visions of the industrial designers and the marketing team is often an exercise in imagination. Making a prototype come to life, or communicating a proposed solution to a sophisticated problem, is where our team thrives here at Info-graphics. Arriving at the end goal of being clear in our intentions and well-crafted in our structure is what keeps our clients hungry for more eye-popping, informative storytelling.

Often times we find ourselves becoming experts in the products and industries we serve. The need to deconstruct a problem before solving it is essential in our firm. This sometimes includes the inner workings of electronics, or the complex relationship between the smart grid and the energy it uses. Storytelling with a penchant for technical accuracy has become our mantra when approaching a new animation project.

With so many products becoming “smart”, there is a need to educate viewers in order to understand just how intelligent their new gadget is. This creates a great niche for Info-graphics to fill. Creating life-like 3D animation with engaging motion graphics can bring even the most un-saavy tech user to the edge of their seat. The next generation of devices will require even more explanation as the intersection of motion and interactivity collides. Luckily, we work for great clients who not only see the value in clear communication and great storytelling, but also have products that can revolutionize the world of tomorrow.