Rubbermaid Commercial Products, a loyal client of ours for about 15 years, is a manufacturer of innovative, solution-based products for commercial and institutional markets worldwide.

Technical Concepts® is their leading brand for Innovative Hygiene Solutions in the away-from-home washroom. The comprehensive range includes automatic flushing and fixture surface cleaning systems, automatic faucets, high quality skin care and air care systems for office buildings, education, healthcare, and hospitality markets all around the world.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Technical Concepts and IG have been working together in the development of their instructions and installation animations for their washroom products. Most recently, we have completed a 3D installation and use animation for the LumeCel™ Microburst® 3000 dispenser. The Microburst® 3000 dispenser, powered by the LumeCel™ rechargeable energy system is an innovative air care product. With easy, flexible programming, and world-class reliability, the Microburst® 3000 dispenser offers an effective air freshening system.

The animation provides step by step instructions for mounting, use, programming, and retro fitting the Microburst® 3000 dispenser with LumeCel™ technology. Click here to see the animation.