Written by: John Thigpen

InVue has been doing business all over the globe for more than 70 years – providing commercial retail companies with innovative sales enablement and security solutions. As a market leader in its field, InVue strives to develop innovative products that break the mold, and defy status quo. Essentially, everything InVue creates must be of the highest quality.

Enter IG. When a former client of ours joined the InVue team as an engineer, he recommended we be brought in to work on an electronic lock security solution the company had developed. We created an animated video for what is known as Access ManagerTM, an IR electric lock and device security tool that allows a user to reduce external and internal theft.

The animation was designed to tell the story of the product, it’s uses, and how the end user will benefit at the retail store level. In addition to the animation, we also created instruction manuals. You can watch the video here.

InVue Screenshot