Four years ago, Liberty Hardware, a MASCO company and manufacturer of high quality decorative and functional hardware products, partnered with Info-graphics to retool their printed installation instructions. Since then, our work has evolved to include live video installations and targeted 2D and 3D animations. These short animation clips are intended to help Liberty’s customers understand relevant concepts and more challenging installation sequences.

Most recently, IG developed a 3D animation for the product launch of Liberty’s newest innovative product, IncrediGrip™. IncrediGrip™ is a bathroom adhesive product being marketed by Liberty as part of their bathroom solutions on They tasked IG with developing a marketing/introduction animation that focuses on the features and benefits. Check out the animation currently featured on as well as on their Bath Storage and Organization website.

IG continues to bring new ideas and technologies to our clients helping to keep them relevant in their industries. In the case of Liberty, big box stores are driving the need for additional animations.