Ever wonder how much food waste a grocery store produces and how much of that ends up in our landfills? Emerson’s engineers developed a product that will turn food waste into renewable energy. Emerson’s Grind 2 Energy (G2E) product takes food waste and turns it into methane which is captured as a biogas and put to use as electricity and CNG. The company had an existing animated video created a few years ago to explain the process, but with product developments and new target markets, that video no longer met the needs of the company. Emerson Senior Marketing Manager for Commercial Solutions, Erica Vranik asked IG to help.

Working closely with Emerson’s advertising agency, we were able to craft the perfect animation that not only matched their current style but targeted their audience, the grocery store market. Have a look at some of the images of the video in Emerson’s booth and click here to watch!









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Interested in the great work Emerson is doing to reduce the waste in our landfills? Click here to learn more about Grind 2 Energy.