3 Ways to Optimize Online Video Content

//3 Ways to Optimize Online Video Content

3 Ways to Optimize Online Video Content

The 2015 Vidcon conference sent its participants away full of insight, data, and online trends.

Greg Jarboe and Andy Smith from ReelSEO shared some key points from the conference plus some startling statistics.

For instance, 400 hours of videos are uploaded to Youtube every minute. How can advertisers and creators stand out with that much content floating around?

One of the most interesting insight shared at the conference was how the internet is viewed by generations.

For the younger generations the internet has become a community where you can create and share interests freely and have open discussions. These communities have been growing and influence each other

So how can you use these online communities to optimize online video content?  Inspire, Engage, and Collaborate.

Inspire: Don’t talk at the audience, start a conversation with them. Inspire them with a message that makes them want to share with their community. Inspire communities to start meaningful discussions.

Engage: As John Green notes in his keynote address, “Advertising is really good at funding the distraction business…But advertising sucks at valuing engagement..” Being online is a great distraction, but aren’t we often online looking for answers? Engage the audience and help them solve their problems.

Collaborate: The online video celebrities have become as well known as a typical actress. However, they control their content and have a major influence on their communities. Why not leverage these creators and collaborate with them to be a part of their content. Create messages for campaigns, solve everyday problems, or share your product. The possibilities are endless and it gets you out of the thirty second ad block that users skip over as quickly as possible.

Advertisings effectiveness is constantly changing and with the ease of on demand videos they can be easily skipped over. Create meaningful content and influence positive conversations around your brand and become part of the community.

To read more of Jarboe’s and Smith’s insight from the conference visit http://www.reelseo.com/vidcon-2015-strategic-insights-tactical-advice/ and, http://www.reelseo.com/vidcon-2015-online-video-changing-world/ .

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