More than twenty years ago – long before anyone used the term “infographic” – we were developing illustrated technical content for our clients. As a matter of fact, the term itself is registered to us! Today we create the same compelling tools for our clients, but we deliver those messages in a variety of new ways. We’ve been busy producing 3D animations, videos, mobile content, schematics, instructions, 3D renderings, interactive and traditional print graphics that our clients use to communicate complex subjects in a compelling way.

Our team of professional designers and communicators have the unique ability to translate scientific and technical information into powerful, easy-to-understand marketing and communication tools. Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds – with a broad range of hands-on experience, including outdoor equipment, kitchen gadgets, nuclear power and even brain surgery. Collectively, we have more than 100 years of experience telling visual stories and improving understanding.

Whether it’s a process, a product, a concept or complex content, Info-graphics® will communicate it concisely and effectively. And we do this in print, interactive, motion graphics and animation, video, or with any combination of those mediums. Communicating your message – clearly – is our area of expertise.

Our specialties include illustration, animation, information graphics, concept and data visualization, technical design, training content and presentation graphics, installation, assembly and operating instructions, and other technical documents in print, in video, or on the web.

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Our Team

Rob Eddy
The Dark Lord

Rob's career has given him the opportunity to gain insight and know-how in all aspects of marketing for industry leading corporations such as Haworth, Rubbermaid and Newell. He has hands-on experience in marketing communications, product development, product line management and brand management with major national brands such as; Bemis, Rubbermaid, Rolodex, Eldon, Newell, Haworth, and United Chair.

Sara Christensen
Creative Director

Sara first worked in Minneapolis where her ad accounts included Litton Microwave, 3M, and Tonka Toys. Prior to joining Info-graphics, Sara served as Art Director with a targeted custom publishing company designing and directing production, programs and promotions for such sponsors as American Express, Proctor and Gamble, Xerox, and Scripps Networks (HGTV). Sara has a diverse and broad knowledge base of style, design and communications technique.

John Thigpen
Vice President, Business Development

John has more than 20 years of B2B sales experience. Early on he worked as marketing product manager for a global touchscreen components supplier which reinforced his appreciation for accurate product information and support documentation. He has extensive experience in the sale and customization of POS solutions for clients like Regal Entertainment, IdleAire, Stinger Medical, HCA Healthcare, and ALCOA.

Sheila Thigpen
Operations Director

Sheila’s career began with a custom publishing company in Knoxville, Tennessee. The combination of the company’s success and Sheila’s hard-work and professionalism, earned her the position as Senior Production Manager - in charge of budgeting and managing production and the workflow (from creative production to print) for over 20 nationally distributed publications. She has an extensive experience in creating effective workflows, strategic planning, and account management.

Tim Wirtz
Director of Client Success

Tim works tirelessly garnering new business and delivering strategic solutions that capture share of mind and ultimately move the sales needle for his clients. He’s built his entire career on successfully launching and marketing products and services and has nearly 20 years of marketing strategy, sales and public relations experience, working with clients such as Boeing, Grainger, Steelcase and GOJO.

Matt Petit
Associate Creative Director

Matt joined Info-graphics in 2006 as a technical illustrator and quickly demonstrated his mastery of the company's principles for designing technical documentation and visual communication tools. Previously, Matt served as Info-graphic’s Director of Motion Design and has been instrumental in the development of IG’s expertise in animation and motion graphics as well as our online presence