• Infographics & Illustrations

    Our informational graphics, or “infographics” and illustrations can clearly communicate complex information. These images are a universal language, surmounting barriers of language, culture, and education. We are technical information designers. We define, dissect, design, and deliver technical information for easy understanding and use.

  • Animation & Motion Graphics

    We combine great illustrations and graphics with motion, animation, audio, and video to tell your story in fun and compelling ways. Infographics also has the tools and expertise to create 3D photorealistic image renders with accurate color, texture, and lighting for use in “pre-market” promotions, presentations, and animations.

  • Product Manuals & Documentation

    Infographics® documents look different, but what really matters are the benefits they provide our clients: Fewer product returns, better products, better brands, and satisfied customers! Our expertise includes information, training, and presentation graphics, concept and data visualization, technical illustration, installation and operating instructions, and more.


All Design Informational Instructional Motion Graphics

  • Quick Drain

    Quick animated overview of unique floor drain installation. Info-graphics created an easy-to-understand animation sequence that walks the viewer through the process of a typical installation from beginning to end.

  • DIY Network

    For the Scripps DIY network, our team researched and generated home improvement tips, wrote scripts, sketched storyboards, illustrated and animated visual content, supervised voice overs, and began the post-production process.

  • Alpha Scanner

    The informational graphic we designed for AlphaScanner describes the logic of their unique tool for stock market research in an engaging and entertaining way. This infographic is used on their home page: http://alphascanner.com/

  • OXO

    We developed an illustrated universal step-by-step quick reference for assembling a shower caddy, positioning it, and storing items on it. This reference visually identifies parts, assembly sequences, options, and accessory information.

  • Liberty Hardware / Delta

    All-inclusive step-by-step installation video for the Delta Frameless Sliding Tub Door produced by Infographics. The development of this video included the creation of the original printed instructions (included in the product packaging), set design and construction, script development, videography, voice over, on-screen talent, animation and on-screen graphics, as well as post-production editing.

  • 2014 Info-graphics Demo Reels

    Today, we still create beautiful technical communications for companies, but we deliver those messages in a variety of new ways. We’ve been busy producing 3D animation, video, mobile, schematics, instructions, 3D rendering, animation, interactive and traditional print graphics that our clients use to communicate complicated subjects in an easy-to-understand format.

  • Rubbermaid

    Product assembly and operating illustrations are our specialty. Easy-to-use sequence illustrations eliminate confusion, reduce product returns, and enhance the ownership experience.

  • EPRI

    Working with EPRI, we developed a series of animated shorts based on the graphics we’ve developed for their Smart Grid programs. By adding motion and sound, we were able to bring life to—and better explain—test projects they’re running with utility partners worldwide.

  • Trex Transcend Animation

    The goal of this video was to illustrate the simplicity of a Trex Transcend railing. The process was clearly demonstrated during the 3d animation segment of the video, while the rest of the video showed the breadth of the Trex Transcend product line.

  • EG Farm

    We produce infographics that help clients communicate large amounts of information—clearly and in ways that are easy for users to understand.


What our clients are saying about us...

  • Infographics® is detail-oriented and genuinely interested in understanding the technical aspects of our products and clarifying the content our customers need. Their “hands-on” approach was very beneficial and greatly appreciated. I’m confident our customers will notice the improvements and I’d recommend them as an excellent source for any manufacturer.

    LeRoy Krupke — The Genie Company
  • Infographics® team members are committed to excellence. They take the time to fully understand the project and execute in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Infographics as a valuable resource.

    Manivone Kitzke – InSinkErator
  • Over the last few years, Infographics® has consistently created highly effective product assembly instructions in a timely manner. As a result, our customers find the process of assembling a product more pleasant.

    Reneau Van Landingham – Rubbermaid Commercial Products
  • The team at Infographics® continue to be exceptionally valuable working partners for all of our technical communications and product documentation needs.

    Sue Bailey – Viking Range Corporation
  • The team of professionals at Infographics® are an essential consideration for marketers charged with making challenging concepts simple yet appealing. I look forward to my next project with Infographics.

    Margaret Johns – Bluewater Consulting
  • Working closely on projects with the team at Infographics® for seven years has been rewarding, enjoyable, and most importantly, extremely beneficial. I never use the word “vendor” for them -  they’re strategic partners.

    Alan Scott – Rubbermaid Commercial Products