Info-graphics® creates powerful graphics, videos and animations that make complex technical data easy to understand. We support the engineering, product management and marketing departments for some of the world’s most respected companies and brands.

Twenty years ago, long before anyone used the term “infographic”, we were making creative technical communications for our clients. The term itself is registered to us! Today we create the same compelling tools for our clients, but we deliver those messages in a variety of new ways. We’ve been busy producing 3D animations, videos, mobile content, schematics, instructions, 3D renderings, interactive and traditional print graphics that our clients use to communicate complex subjects in a compelling way.

Do you have important technical information to communicate? A new product to promote? A manual to develop or revise? Info-graphics® will work with you to develop and deliver your message in ways that are unique, engaging, informative, and most importantly, effective!

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Do you have important technical information to communicate? A new product to promote? A manual to develop or revise?

Documentation and Illustration

Better instruction, assembly and operating materials make better products. This is Info-graphics®’ core strength – we deliver exceptionally clear, comprehensive and user-friendly content.

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Info-graphics®’ new Consumer Engagement Tools are the next step in educating customers. Our customized interactive web applications (widgets) deliver relevant content and reinforce learning.

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Animation and Video

Info-graphics® creates moving, broadcast-quality animation and video for our clients that explain complex subjects in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

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The team at Infographics® continue to be exceptionally valuable working partners for all of our technical communications and product documentation needs.

Sue Bailey
Viking Range Corporation

Testimonial Sue Bailey

The manual looks great. You guys did a great job with the graphic enhancement of the images, it will make it much easier for the end consumer to follow.

Jonathan Prentice
JSJ Worldwide

Testimonial Jonathan Prentice

It was a pleasure working with you and the Infographics team. Your flexibility, prompt attention, and professionalism made it a very easy project for us.

Chris Melhorn

Testimonial Chris Melhorn